Articles, articles, articles

All the content types within the superstyle are split into one of two mutually exclusive layout areas:

  • "Articles"
  • Right hand panels

Articles are blocks of textual information, each with a title. This is similar to the layout used in newspapers, where each article has a headline and then the story itself. Articles can contain formatting and links, but the use of pictures and extensive in-line linking is discouraged. You can and are encouraged to have multiple articles per page, just like you would in a newspaper: split your page into several different related articles, rather than having just one huge long article.

Try to avoid using inline formatting in articles (different font colours, bold, italic, underline) as much these are overwritten by the University's style and branding anyway. In particular, avoid trying to create headings or horizontal line breaks; instead, seperate content into multiple articles.


If you need a sub-title, the "Heading 4" style can be used.

The snazzy stuff

The right hand panel widgets are a selection of templates for placing content in a right hand column. If, like this page, there aren't any used on the page, the articles automatically stretch to fit the entire page area.

These are are what give excitement to your page, and make it look fresh. There are templates for all kinds of widgets, including link boxes, downloads, photos, videos and feed panels.

Use the links on the left hand navigation tree to browse the available types