PSS web extranet

Gathering information and surveying

We have a dedicated LimeSurvey installation for the PSS to use, providing a simple and straightforward way to create surveys. These can be directed at anyone - staff, student, or the public at large. We build template 'skins' for LimeSurvey to give a corporate University look and feel to your questionaire. LimeSurvey also runs across encrypted HTTPS, also making it suitable for gathering personal details.

But LimeSurvey isn't just useful for questionnaires. It can also be used for creating registration systems and has a suite of in-built tools for advanced data analysis and response control.

The best thing about LimeSurvey is that once you have an account you can use it to freely create your own surveys whenever you want. Create as many or as few as you need, giving you total control over your data.

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