Introduction to the PSS-Core superstyle

The PSS-Core superstyle provides a fast and efficient method of skinning any new website with the University's corporate branding.

It has been built to allow many different SiteManager channels to share the same CMS page layouts and content types, meaning that as improvements and bug-fixes are made, they are automatically inherited across all sites using the superstyle. This makes maintenance of a consistent brand considerably easier than having to manually update page layouts and content types across multiple sites.

Limitations of the superstyle

Despite its convenience, there are downsides to the superstyle, the most obvious being that the level of customisation possible is limited. Many aspects such as tweaks to CSS can be accommodated by the superstyle, and a degree of per-site and per-page customisation is possible through a parameters content type. In addition, new superstyle content types can be created to accommodate desired features. However, major page layout and structural differences cannot generally be implemented using the superstyle, and web applications are not suited. As a general rule, for relatively straightforward websites using standard components, the superstyle is ideal; for large and complex web applications or very bespoke layouts, the superstyle might be less useful.