We create, you benefit

These days everyone wants an app for that. Apps are trendy, apps are cool. Apps are sooo this year's black. And everyone wants to be Mr Black don't they?

But apps are like "the cloud" - everyone know's they're the way forward, but just don't ask us to explain exactly what they are! So we like to be specific: our PSS web apps are little tools we write to let you manage your university data using web browser based software. So instead of downloading and installing a big program, you just point Firefox at it and you're sorted.

We innovate and create apps to meet your needs, and package them all up into a tidy little corner of our extranet. Easy to use. Easy to maintain. Easy to find in 6 months time when the last person left!

All our apps are based around the Adamantine framework, and have native support for university CAS authentication, so no long lists of different passwords to remember. Best of all, because they're true web apps, and secured by CAS, you can access them from anywhere you happen to be working, on and off campus.

There is an app for that.