Counselling Service Appointments

Please read the following information

To help us allocate you the most appropriate help as quickly as possible please follow the process below. This is entirely anonymous and not connected to the counselling service or stored or collected in any way. Our aim is only to help you request the most appropriate help:

  1. If you have used our service within the past two months then please just contact reception on 0161 275 2864 and request a further appointment with your counsellor.
  2. If you have not used our service before, or within the last two months, please complete the following brief questionnaire before booking your appointment.
  3. If at any stage you have any queries of feel that this is not for you then please do contact us.
  4. Opening hours for appointments are 9am - 4pm, weekdays.
  5. This questionnaire is brief and should take no more than two minutes to answer up to five questions.
  6. To prevent misuse this process will only allow three visits within a 24 hour period.
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